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Babies’ heads are particularly malleable in the first 3 months. To prevent your child from getting a flat head (plagiocephaly) in the recommended supine position, special baby pillows can provide additional relief for the head.

It is best to choose a pillow with a hollow.

It is important to note that current baby pillow tests have not found any proven healing effects. The effectiveness of the pillows remains controversial and does not replace a visit to the doctor!

For a restful sleep and as a supplement to helmet therapy, however, baby pillows from our comparison table are certainly suitable.

Recommendations for choosing pillow for newborn

The most important facts in a nutshell

In the first months, babies in the recommended supine position quickly get a flat head (plagiocephaly). A baby pillow with a trough can certainly support the helmet therapy recommended by a doctor. A baby pillow therefore never replaces a visit to the pediatrician. Keep in mind that even the best baby head pillow cannot correct the head shape on its own. Most of the pillows are made of memory foam. Manufacturers such as W WelLifes and Babymoov provide the foam with extra ventilation holes so that your child would not suffocate even in the side or prone position.After some home baby pillow testing by your child, both the cover and the pillow must be able to withstand the washing machine. Therefore, look for washable covers in the package when you buy a baby head pillow.

Pillows for Babies Review

How to choose right pillow for infant

What is a baby pillow?

Just like an adult pillow, baby pillows are designed in tests to provide proper support to a newborn, infant, or even toddler during nighttime sleep. In addition to essential crib mattresses and mattresses for strollers, buy a head pillow for your baby, which will provide the right support for the infant. The special baby pillows against the flat head or other deformities not only have a cosmetic benefit but in the worst case can prevent growth disorders. Experts classify sleep not simply as a resting phase for parents, but as an important developmental component for the newborn.

Tip: The supine position is still recommended as the preferred sleeping position for newborns. This is said to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Baby pillows at the back of the head ensure that babies remain in this position.

What criteria should you look for when choosing?

Much more important than the color or pattern on the baby head pillow cover is that baby pillows positively affect the shape of the head and do not deform the bones of the skull.You do not necessarily have to purchase a special baby pillow to prevent flat head and other deformities. The supine position can also be supported with a rolled-up towel. However, the towel is more likely to move and deform than a baby pillow or neck pillow made specifically for this purpose.

What about material for a pillow?

Of course, your baby also wants to be as warm, soft, and cozy as possible at night. After all, you also feel more comfortable on a soft cotton pillow than on a rough terry cloth cover.

Therefore, when it comes to the baby pillow for the newborn, you can choose the colors and patterns according to your mood, but you should always make sure that the cotton quality is soft. If you are already spending a lot of money on strollers, you should not skimp on the baby head pillow. After all, your child has only one back of the head, baby head pillows keep it shapely and healthy.

Look for high-quality organic materials, so that the child can sleep on harmless fabrics. In this way, you will avoid unhealthy evaporation of the material, which will cause irritation of the skin or problems with the respiratory tract.

Choose the right baby pillow size

You will not find specifications like “baby pillow size 1” and following when searching for a baby pillow. This is because unlike clothing, baby pillows are not categorized into size 1, 2 and 3. Manufacturers only sometimes make age specifications, with orthopedic baby pillows already recommended for use immediately after birth. If you are unsure, consult with your midwife.

The size of baby pillows is designed so that your newborn can sleep on it in the first months of life. Once your baby becomes more mobile and can turn, no sleeping pillow will prevent it, and you can take it out of bed.

What to look for when cleaning and caring for baby pillows?

With babies, you enjoy the advantage that they do not sweat as much, but on the other hand, children vomit much more often or are not yet able to control the flow of saliva.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a baby pillow that is washable in low temperatures. Ideally, choose a category of baby pillows where you get two covers to change at once.

If sooner or later allergy symptoms appear in your baby, it may be helpful to replace the baby pillow with a model that is suitable for allergy sufferers.

All our reviews are based only on expert judgment or practical experience with most of the baby items. We strive to ensure that our leadership is independent and as detailed as possible.

The Best Foam Pillows for Babies

  1. W WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable Mesh Organic Cotton.
  2. Babymoov Lovenest Baby Pediatrician Designed Pillow & Head Support.
  3. Babebay Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow.
  4. OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow.
  5. Sweeterbaby Baby Pillow for Flat Head Prevention.

Best pillows for infant

W WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable Mesh Organic Cotton

  • 100% Cotton.
  • Measures approximately Width 12.6 X Height 9.5 inches

 4,8 Rating

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Breathable sequential 3D-air Mesh construction keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Well ventilated 3D Cool Air net fabric is used for the back. The front side is 100% Organic Cotton fabric bonded with sponge, and it reinforces a sense of durability and cushioning.

Babymoov Lovenest Baby Pediatrician Designed Pillow & Head Support

  • Created by well-known pediatrician Dr. Manuel Maidenberg.
  • The Lovenest pillow is easy to clean and can be machine-washed on gentle cycle.

 4,7 Rating

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From birth, simply position a pillow behind your baby’s head. His or her head will naturally lie in the center. The Lovenest’s pillow unique inclination and shape will ensure the pressure is evenly distributed over the skull to keep it nice and round!

Babebay Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

  • Babebay baby pillows feature top-grade slow-rebound soft memory foam.
  • Protect your baby’s delicate skin with a hypoallergenic fabric.

 4,7 Rating

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The scientific 3D concave size and depth pillows for babies can perfectly relieve the pressure on the head and neck, while gently shaping the head shape to solve various head shape problems: Flat Head, Skew Head, Sharp Head, Any Other Head Shape.

OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

  • 100% Cotton.
  • Designed to create perfect alignment of baby’s neck and spine.

 4,7 Rating

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High-density memory foam construction is coupled with a specifically-engineered concave design to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. The pillow cover is made from 100% hypoallergenic, breathable, all-natural cotton.

Sweeterbaby Baby Pillow for Flat Head Prevention

  • Prevent your little one from obtaining a flat head.
  • This pillow gives your baby the gentle and supportive positioning that he or she needs.

 4,7 Rating

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Covered with organic cotton, an infant pillow is created to feel soft and smooth against your newborn’s skin. Made with cotton that was never treated with chemicals, this pillow is the perfect companion for your baby’s sensitive skin.

FAQ - Baby's pillow

❓ How should you wash the baby pillow?

You should never wash the whole baby pillow in the washing machine. You should wash only the pillowcase should be washed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you put the molded foam of the pillow in the washing machine, it could deform and become unusable.

If it has become contaminated, you should clean it with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

❓ What is the best sleeping position on the baby pillow?

The supine position is not only the best position on the baby pillow, but even the only recommended one. This is because it is precisely to prevent prone and side positions that baby head pillows are used in the first place. If your child likes to sleep calmly on his back by himself, you don’t necessarily need a baby head pillow.

❓ When can babies use head shaping pillows?

Nurses and pediatricians recommend this head shaping pillows for babies. It is best to start using it when it is born. It is suitable for babies from 0-12 months.

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