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Changing table – helpful first equipment

Since you’ll be spending much of the day doing your new favorite activity, diapering, you’ll want to make your hobby as enjoyable as possible for you and your offspring.

Why a changing table is so helpful for your baby in the first place, what models and sets are available, and how to find the ideal dimensions of your piece of furniture, you will learn in this article.

The best foldable changing table

EGREE Baby Portable Folding Changing Table

 4,9 Rating

The compact and portable baby diaper station is equipped with 4 heavy duty lockable mute universal wheels that can move on rough ground and plush carpet extremely easily and silently.

  • Diaper Changing Station with Wheels.
  • With Safe and skin-friendly Oxford Fabric and high-grade rust-free steel frame.

Easily fold the diaper changing table EGREE Baby Portable Folding to save space when finish the baby’s tasks. Nevertheless, the uniquely designed support plate allows you to fold directly without pulling it out time by time. The baby changing station is uniquely built for sturdy durability and long-lasting use.


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Changing tables review & tips

Tips for choosing foldable changing table review

Changing table choosing guide

The right changing table makes the job quick and easy!

It is probably not a must-have, but a baby changing table is an extremely convenient piece of furniture for parents who have to change lots of diapers in a day. Having a changing table ensures that you have all your supplies such as diapers, creams, lotions, and wipes at hand and within easy reach.

Most Versatile Changing Table Review

INFANS Portable foldable Infant Changing Station with Safety Belt Review

  • Large Storage Basket & Shelf.
  • Easy to Clean Waterproof Surface.
  • Stable Compact Construction.

 4,8 Rating

Check Price

INFANS oldable baby changing table can be used for changing cloth, changing diapers or massage care. The height of this diaper changing station is designed for relax parent’s spine, which can help mother avoid back and leg pain caused by prolonged bending. What’s more, our diaper station is easy to fold up to save space. Please do not hesitate to buy it!

Costzon Baby Foldable Portable Changing Table Review

  • Adjustable Height Portable Diaper Station with Lockable Wheels.
  • Made of a high-strength iron frame with wear resistant 600D canvas.

 4,8 Rating

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This changing table can easily fold up to a more compact size that will save plenty of space for indoor use and storage. You can easily store it behind a door after you’re done getting your baby ready for the rest of their day. What’s more, equipped with 4 lockable universal wheels, our baby diaper station is easy to move and keep stable.

ROYAL RUSU Portable Diaper Changing Pad Review

  • Easily wipes clean and makes baby diaper changes easier.
  • Two products in one – changing pad zips off of clutch for independent use.

 4,8 Rating

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This portable changing mat is designed by parents for mothers, fathers, and babies alike. Changing pad made with a premium waterproof material, so cleaning is easy after using a public changing table or any place you need to change your baby’s diaper. You can hang it on the wall, clip it to the stroller, or fully cover the public changing table. The smoth material makes it easy to clean in under five minutes without worrying about bad smells.

SPEENSUN Portable Changing Pad Review

  • Waterproof diaper changing pad is easy to clean.
  • The size of the replacement block is”Length 32* Width 21.5″.

 4,8 Rating

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The Folding baby changing pad is very suitable for holding some small things for mom and dad, and the 2 inner mesh bags store baby essentials. In addition, the travel changing pad is detachable. The perfect size fits the changing table when opened. The portable diaper changing pad is compact and can be folded to 11.4*9 inches.

Baby changing unit & changing table: how high, how long & how deep

To find the perfect changing table, you should pay attention to how tall and wide the furniture on offer is. Since you will probably be changing your little one very often and for quite some time, you should find a chest of drawers that will optimally relieve your back in terms of height and prevent neck and shoulder pain.

So the decision to buy a large or small chest of drawers depends, among other things, on mom’s and dad’s height. The conventional dimensions of a changing table have a height between 33,5 and 37,4″. If you are both relatively tall, you can go for a taller changing table between 36,6 and 37,4″, and for shorter people a height between 33,5 and 34,6″ is suitable.

Of course, it also depends on the conditions of your living space. Therefore, it is worth considering not only normal changing chests, but perhaps also corner changing chests. Slightly narrower changing chests may also be more suitable for your home, as conventional changing chests are usually between 23,6, 27,5, or 31.5 ” wide. This way, you can make the most of the space.

Since changing chests are not always quite cheap, you should think carefully about how high, wide, and deep it should be and how big you want the actual changing area to be.

Alternatives to the changing table

If you don’t have as much space available for a large dresser, it’s worth looking at a changing table or maybe even a changing pad for the bathtub. While changing chests are enormously practical due to their storage space and come in lovely designs, they are a bit more costly than changing tables.

The alternatives to changing chests are usually relatively simple in design, have a smaller changing and storage area, and are of open construction. However, they are definitely more space efficient and cost-effective. So ideal for a family with a rather smaller apartment.

Changing table

The storage areas of a changing table are generally smaller than those of a changing unit, but you can place the changing table much more flexibly.
Especially practical are also mobile changing tables with wheels, so you can change your treasure sometimes in the parents’ bedroom or living room. Some baby beds are also offered with integrated changing tables and drawers.

Folding changing tables

A so-called wall-mounted changing table is advantageous when you really have little space available. You can’t store all you’re changing essentials like diapers and wet wipes as well as baby’s favorite clothes in it, but such a practical folding changing table takes up almost no space. Perfect for a cozy little nest!

After changing, you simply fold the table up against the wall and don’t have an additional piece of furniture blocking your way and which you keep bumping into with the vacuum cleaner.

Changing table for the bathtub

A bath-changing combination with an integrated bathtub attachment has the advantage that you can bathe your baby in one place and then change him or her directly afterwards. For your baby it is comfortably warm in the bathroom, and you don’t have to carry your little one into the nursery for changing, but can start directly after bathing.

Mobile changing tables

If you want to travel with your little one to grandma and grandpa’s house and need a mobile changing mat for your baby, an inflatable and washable pad is perfect for use. Disposable changing pads are super suitable for a trip with your family.

The disposable changing pads are very absorbent and absorb the liquid immediately. If they are not too dirty or wet after the first use, you can even use them again. You can also put the disposable changing mat on top of the actual changing mat, because if something should go wrong, you don’t have to wash the whole cloth cover right away, but can replace the mat very easily and quickly.

Where to put baby changing unit

The changing table and the matching accessories can already take up some space for your new favorite hobby. Most often it is placed in the bathroom, nursery or even in the master bedroom, depending on how much space is available or what you prefer. If you already have your own nursery, this place is very suitable, because you not only have enough space for the dresser itself, but you can also place diaper pails and shelves, as well as create additional storage space.

If you have all the necessary utensils within reach when changing diapers, you will make your everyday life much easier. In addition, your partner can continue to snore peacefully, while your little, cheeky sparrow loudly demands his fresh diaper in the night.

What to hang over changing table

Changing diapers is no problem at all, as long as your little rascal feels like it. But when even your kind words can no longer distract your child, little mishaps can easily happen on the changing table. Your baby doesn’t care if it’s wearing a diaper or not and just lets it go. Suddenly your new silk blouse is soaking wet or the fresh, full diaper contents land on your brand new, white sneakers – these are exactly the moments when you want to scream “Noooooooo” at the top of your voice, but later laugh it off with your partner.

To keep your active baby distracted and occupied for as long as possible while changing diapers, it’s worth attaching a mobile above the changing table. With a sturdy holder, the mobile can be easily attached above the changing table.

What is important & to consider with a changing table

Since buying a changing table can also quickly turn into time-consuming research and many moms end up confused by all the information, here are some important tips from Babyamo.


The issue of safety plays a very important role in changing chests. In the past, it has often happened that the baby has fallen off the changing table because it was only let out of sight for a very short time. You should therefore never leave your little diaper pooper on the table alone, even for a few seconds.
Because if your baby starts to kick or turn, it can happen very quickly that he or she falls off the dresser and sustains serious injuries. Therefore, always put a hand on your little one and hold him, even if you just get a fresh diaper from the drawer. This way you don’t run the risk of your little one getting hurt. It’s also best to buy a fall protection with high edges, so your little one can’t roll over it so easily.

Place objects out of reach

Even if your baby lies relatively quietly on the dresser at first and his mobility is limited, this can change within a few months and your treasure becomes really active. To prevent him from accidentally throwing down all the changing utensils, make sure that you place all objects out of reach of your little one. If you have mounted a shelf above the dresser, no heavy objects should be placed on it that could fall on your baby. You will surely find another place for these things.

Quality of the changing table

To be sure that you buy a high-quality changing table, you can also look at the test seals of the respective model.

Royal Rusu Portable Diaper Changing Pad –  Video

Foldable changing table for Babies - FAQ

❓ Do I need a changing table for my baby?

While a changing table certainly isn’t a requirement, it does make life easier when your little one is still in diapers.
A changing table provides a designated safe place for you to change your baby’s diaper. Whether you opt for a traditional changing table or a dresser with a changing pad on top, you’ll be happy to have a go-to spot for diaper changes.
It’s easy and convenient to have all the necessary diaper changing gear — wipes, diapers and diaper rash cream — organized in one area. Be sure to have a diaper pail within arm’s reach for easy disposal of dirty diapers, too.

❓ What should I keep on my baby changing table?

Diaper cream, unscented baby wipes (causes less irritation), soft washcloths, 6 to 10 dozen cloth diapers and 6-8 diaper covers, or 2-3 large boxes of disposable newborn-size diapers.

❓ Can you leave a baby on a changing table?

Constant Supervision! Children, unlike adults, do not fully understand what danger means. They are curious and simply want to explore the world around them. This can pose a serious threat to the changing table because the more mobile they become, the more adventurous they get.

In the blink of an eye, they can roll-off. Depending on the height of the table, injure themselves badly. Ensure you constantly pay attention and reach out to them if they are tempting to do something injurious.
Choose Changing Tables with Roll-Off Protection. When shopping for changing tables, go for models that have raised sides and ends measuring 10 cm and higher. Such a design is important to protect your child from rolling off. Alternatively, you can also incorporate a concave shape change mat to contain your child when changing nappies.

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