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Third trimester

What happens in the 3rd trimester?

Now you have already reached the last trimester of your pregnancy. Some pregnant women feel as if time is racing, while others feel that it is going much too slowly and are impatiently counting down the weeks until they can finally hold their baby in their arms. Both are completely normal and absolutely fine. In any case, as you move into the last trimester, you’re getting closer and closer to your due date. The excitement is rising!

First Trimester of Pregnancy

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy information

The 3rd trimester of your pregnancy: final spurt to birth

  • The nest-building instinct starts

The closer you get to the birth, the more you need to plan and organize. Many parents-to-be are now preparing a nursery for the baby. Of course, it is no problem at all if there is no space in your home for a separate nursery. A newborn baby doesn’t need much at all. A crib or bassinet and a changing table in the parents’ bedroom are all you need.

What is nesting in pregnancy

  • Preparing for birth

In the last trimester of pregnancy, you should also start preparing for childbirth. There are many courses for this. Some are offered for expectant mothers alone, others are partner courses. The important thing here is that you feel comfortable and that you find a space for yourself in which you can prepare intensively for the upcoming birth and also get rid of all your questions and worries.

The journey of your pregnancy is now slowly coming to an end, and your body has performed true miracles. Soon, a new, exciting journey will begin for you: Being a mom. Just like at the beginning of your pregnancy, there will be new questions and maybe sometimes worries. This is completely normal, and you will slowly and surely grow into your new role.

How the baby develops in the 3rd trimester

Weeks How the baby develops
28-32 The brain, nervous system and most organs are maturing and ready for birth.
33-36 The baby turns into the birth position and develops the so-called lung maturity.
37-40 From now on, the baby would no longer be a preterm baby. This means that the birth can start at any time.