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How Can I Take Care Of Myself During Pregnancy? – Things To Know

You always have that overwhelming feeling when you are carrying another life inside you. Perhaps you get excited about all the things you’re going to do throughout the journey, and at the same time, a little anxious, especially if it’s your first time getting pregnant. But whatever it is, there’s always a golden rule when you are pregnant; and that is to take good care of yourself.

Taking good care of yourself is a way of taking care of your baby right before he or she is born. You may feel different with all the changes and effects of pregnancy, but you’re more likely to give birth to a healthy baby when you know how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. So, if you want to dive for more tips on how you’re going to maintain a healthy pregnancy, in this article, you will get tips to ensure you give birth to a healthy baby.

Feel healthy during pregnancy

As soon as you found out you’re pregnant, the next possible thing you’re going to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor. The doctor will look at your medical history to know if you have any pre-existing conditions that may be risky for your pregnancy.

You will undergo various tests, so your doctor will know where to focus on your health. However, if you know how to live a healthy lifestyle, risks can be prevented. These are some tips that could help you in taking care of yourself during pregnancy.

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Feel healthy during pregnancy

Nutritious Pre-natal Diet

We all know that food intake can be challenging to most pregnant women, mainly because of cravings. You should always keep in mind that eating healthy food full of nutrients will help you and your growing baby.

Technically, you eat for two persons, but you also need to watch your diet and know what to eat. You must talk to your OB when you are gaining weight because gaining weight during pregnancy will be different.

The same is true when you’re underweight, and you also need to reach that gain that is right for your body. You must know when to stop your cravings and follow your weight guidelines that vary on your BMI. Consulting your doctor will help you know what foods are better for you.

Be aware of things to avoid

Aside from dietary adjustments, you also need to be aware of other matters during pregnancy. You need to avoid too much work; get enough rest whenever you can because you need that. Be aware of hazardous things brought by the environment, like living in a place where the temperature is too hot or cold, as it can also be unhealthy to pregnant women.

You should also avoid stray animals like cats or dogs, as you may develop illnesses that can be harmful. Most importantly, avoid smoking or avoid people who smoke; the same is true for taking recreational drugs and alcohol intake, as these are the big No-Nos for you.

Know when to take medicines and vitamins

Keep in mind that taking unprescribed medicines during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine, even if you’re only taking vitamins; because, some medicines can cause defects to your baby, especially if you’re taking it during your first trimester.

You must also ask for your doctor’s advice in taking vitamins. Pregnant women should only take 400 micrograms of folic acid a day. If you need more, then perhaps you need to ask your doctor. You should not take any supplements or vitamins without the approval of your doctor.

You must get the right amount of sleep

Another way of taking care of yourself during pregnancy is getting enough sleep. Perhaps you can schedule your naps, as fatigue is one of the common symptoms, especially during the first trimester.

Sleeping habits and the foods you’re taking can greatly impact our level of energy. You have to know that your body works hard to develop the placenta for your baby’s lifeline. It’s only you who will know when to avoid being exhausted, so you must at least get 8 hours of sleep during the night and take naps during the daytime.

You must get the right amount of sleep

Have an exercise routine

Unless your pregnancy is high-risk, try getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. The goal here is to sweat a little, and if you make it a habit, it will help you ease discomfort and promote a very healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, exercise can help you with your labor and deliver your baby easily. Just try having morning walks and go swimming, as these types of exercise are a great choice. Do this slowly and listen to your body until you get used to it. You will thank yourself for doing this; when the day comes, you will deliver your baby.


Being pregnant is no joke. It makes a lot of sense to have those mixed feelings about this journey you’re going to take for months. However, you must allow yourself to enjoy this moment, but you should not take your health and baby’s health for granted. If you were taking care of yourself when you were not yet pregnant, you have to double the effort this time.

Learn how to adjust to the changes in your body as the baby inside grows every single day. In the end, it’s always you and your baby’s health that matters, and it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself more. I hope the tips have helped you in your pregnancy journey. Surely, you will do everything for your baby’s wellness, so learn how to take extra care of yourself.

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