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Last weeks of pregnancy: What to buy for the arrival of the baby?

You may be very proactive and already have everything you need for the arrival of the little one, but if you are one of those who prefer to buy certain things for the end of pregnancy, you have to take into account a number of items that you will need

The countdown is on! Now that you’re in the home stretch of your pregnancy, you’ll need to do some final shopping.

That’s it. In just a few weeks, your baby will be by your side. It has been a long but very happy journey in which you have enjoyed every second, feeling more and more your little one, who will soon come into your life. Now that the time of delivery is approaching, you are thinking about how everything will turn out. On the one hand, you are looking forward to it because of the fatigue and the discomfort you are experiencing, but on the other hand, you do not want it to arrive because you are afraid that everything will go well. It is normal that these thoughts are going around in your head.

Another of the great uncertainties that pregnant women have just a few weeks before giving birth is whether they have everything they will need while they are in the hospital and if anything is missing when they return home.

What to buy for your pregnancy and your baby

Are you clear about what to buy when you are going to have a baby? Do you know what things you need during pregnancy and what not? What does your newborn baby need in the hospital, immediately after arriving home, or during the first months? Is it so complicated to take care of a newborn that it seems that we need so many things? We have a good list of things to make sure your baby lacks nothing, both in the hospital and when you get home. They are all very useful.

What will your newborn baby need?

Get ready for after delivery: Must-haves for welcoming a new baby

You don’t have to go crazy buying things for the baby, it’s best to do it with your head. The first thing to keep in mind is that most people, family, friends… are going to buy us things for the first months of the baby’s life. Make up for this as soon as possible. In the beginning, you will have a lot of things, and for later months you will start to lack: ask for clothes, toys or other things for older babies, for example for the 6 or 9 months.

Let’s review what are the essential things you will need for your baby:

Baby clothes

  • At least 8 baby bodysuits (short-sleeve & long-sleeve).
  • A couple of blankets to cover him/her in the car, crib, etc.
  • Socks, at least 8, as they always get lost.
  • A couple of hats for the head.
  • At least 10 bibs.


  • Newborns are diapered a lot, at least 10 to 12 times a day.
  • If you plan to use reusable diapers, you will need at least 15.
  • Specific diaper pail for disposing of diapers.


If you choose to feed your baby with formula – Non GMO formula vs Regular Formula

Best choice for mothers

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AZMED Maternity Belt

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Pregnancy Must Haves for Third Trimester - TOP 5

  1. hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity.
  2. Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Pregnancy Panties.
  3. The Birth Ball – Birthing Ball for Pregnancy & Labor.
  4. Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter.
  5. Bio-Oil Body Oil for Scars and Stretchmarks.
hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity
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  • Removable, ultra-plush Velboa cover.
  • Proper belly support reduces swelling.

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Kindred Bravely Under The Bump Maternity Underwear
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  • Full rear coverage.
  • 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex.

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Birthing Ball for Pregnancy & Labor
  • Reducing labor pain.
  • Exercises for after pregnancy.
  • Extra thick material.

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Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter
  • With Shea Butter and Vitamin E.
  • Unscented lotion.
  • Soothes and conditions skin during pregnancy.

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil
  • For all skin types, with Vitamin A, E.
  • Locks in essential moisture without clogging pores.
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All our reviews are based only on expert judgment or practical experience with most of the baby items. We strive to ensure that our leadership is independent and as detailed as possible.

What happens in the 3d trimester?

In the 3rd trimester, the baby continues to increase in size and weight. It is now viable if it is born prematurely, although every additional week in the womb until the due date is better for its development. For the expectant mother, pregnancy now becomes increasingly burdensome.

New pregnancy complaints appear, existing ones may increase: Back pain, heartburn, and water retention make many pregnant women long for the birth.

Now it is important to take it easy and recharge your batteries for the birth.

Abdominal pain or contractions?

The closer the birth date, the more pregnant women naturally think of possible labor pains or pulling in the abdomen.

In fact, the uterus prepares for the upcoming birth by contracting every now and then. “Practice contractions” are what these irregular contractions are called. They are quite normal and no cause for alarm. The abdomen may also become hard during the lowering contractions when the baby sinks deeper into the pelvis about a month before birth.

However, if the abdomen becomes hard more than three times an hour or ten times throughout the day and does not relax even in warm water or at rest, you should ask the doctor for advice.

Complaints in the last trimester of pregnancy

In the last trimester, the belly really puts on weight and probably makes everyday life difficult for you. It often gets in the way – whether you’re tying your shoes or sleeping. Many pregnant women find it most comfortable now to sleep on their side, one knee bent, the other stretched out. A pillow or breastfeeding pillow can help you assume a comfortable position. Allow yourself plenty of rest now.

The bigger the belly gets, the more complaints like back pain and water retention increase. Heat and massages and exercises help against back pain: Swimming, water gymnastics, and yoga can do good. Also, make sure you wear the right shoes: flat heels and soft soles relieve you. You should avoid standing for long periods of time.

Exercise prevents water retention. Compression stockings help against such edema, as does elevate the legs. Draining medicines and teas should not be used during pregnancy. Ask your doctor about this.

If your symptoms are severe, you can ask your doctor to refer you for physical therapy.

But this time also brings relief: toward the end of pregnancy, the uterus sinks deeper into the pelvis and no longer presses so hard on the diaphragm and stomach. Heartburn and shortness of breath subside.

The baby turns

About four weeks before birth, the baby turns into the right position with its head down toward the birth canal. If this does not happen, many pregnant women worry.

However, most babies still make up for this turning. In only about five percent of cases does the baby not turn at all and remains in the breech presentation. The doctor can then try to turn the baby from the outside.

If this does not succeed, vaginal birth is still possible in some clinics if there are no special risks. Otherwise, the child must be born by cesarean section.

Fear of the birth?

Especially if it is the first pregnancy, many pregnant women worry about the soon-approaching birth and the associated pain. Those who have already had bad experiences during birth are understandably also not completely relaxed about the event.

Such fears are normal. You should not be ashamed of them. Talk about it openly, with your doctor or your partner, for example.

In a childbirth preparation course, you can learn techniques for actively counteracting the pain during childbirth with breathing and relaxation exercises, and find out what options there are for pain relief.

If your fears are too great, don’t be afraid to seek help in time.

Preparation for the birth

You can use the waiting time before the birth to make preparations for the birth and the time after.

Do you already know where the baby will be born? If you want to give birth in a clinic, it is good to choose the hospital beforehand and register there beforehand. This way, the doctors and midwives will know if there are any risks and what your wishes are.

Pack your hospital bag well in advance of your due date. This will help you avoid getting into a hectic situation when the time comes. You can also prepare organizational matters well now.

According to studies, perineal massages help reduce the risk of perineal tears and the need for perineal incisions. To do this, you massage the area between the anus and vagina with a natural oil once a week.

Third Trimester Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know - Video

FAQ - 3d Trimester of Pregnancy

❓ What are the signs of labor approaching?

Labor is unique for each mom-to-be, but the main sign that labor is approaching is having regular contractions. You may also notice your water breaking and the mucus plug discharge.

❓ How accurate are due dates?

Only 1 in 20 babies are born exactly on their due dates. Most babies are born during the two weeks on either side of their due dates.

❓ What helps against sleep disorders in late pregnancy?

A side-sleeper or nursing pillow is a great help now: lie on your side and place the top of the pillow under your head. Now guide the pillow close to your belly and clamp the lower end between your knees. This supports your abdomen and relieves pressure on your back.

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