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The healthy nutrition of the baby is very important for many mothers.

Vegetables and Fruits – from when may it be given?

Many mothers ask themselves the question about vegetables & fruits – when can it be given. In the first months you do not need to cook baby food, because breast milk or powdered milk for babies is the only food your child needs. It is of course an advantage if you can breastfeed your baby for as long as possible. Basically it depends on the development of your child. From the age of five to six months, you can start making baby food yourself. Before this time, you don’t need to eat or drink anything else.

If you want to make baby food yourself, you will find many recipes for your little darling. The effort of cooking baby food is not as big as you think, because you can freeze the baby food and defrost it gently when needed. This way you create a supply that is always available.

Ice Cube Tray for Baby Food

frozen baby food

Ice Cube Trays for Baby Food - Best Choice

 4,9 Rating

Sprout Cups Silicone Baby Food Storage Tray

  • Stackable trays are perfect for storing and freezing baby food and breast milk.
  • Silicone liner allows for easy removal of frozen portions.
  • 100% BPA and phthatlate free, Includes 2 trays and 2 snap on lids.
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Best Ice Cube Trays for Baby Food - TOP 5

  1. Mumi&Bubi Reusable Baby Food Freezer Storage Tray.
  2. Suntake Baby Food Storage Freezer Trays with Silicone Clip-On Lid.
  3. MOJE MAMA Baby Food Freezer Tray Set.
  4. KIDDO FEEDO Freezer Tray with Silicone Clip-on Lid.
  5. Homemade Baby Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray.
Mumi&Bubi Reusable Baby Food Freezer Storage Tray Review

– Trays are certified non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, and dishwasher-safe.
– Each tray holds 21 cubes and each cube is about 2 tablespoons or 1oz.

 4,8 Rating

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Perfect Container for Homemade Baby Food

A rounded shape makes the cubes easy to remove one-by-one and totally eliminates the problem of removing one cube at a time from the ice cube trays. Simply push down on one end of the cube and it slides right out the other end. If the cube is stuck, just run a little warm water over the back to release it. Do NOT twist trays!
Egg Poachers Silicone Egg Bites Molds

– Fits instant pot 8qt pressure cooker.
– BPA free & 100% safe – made from high-quality food-grade silicone, safer to be egg poachers and egg bites molds for instant pot accessories.

 4,7 Rating

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Baby Food Storage Freezer Trays with Silicone Clip-On Lid

Store fresh, home-made baby food in these BPA-Free Silicone molds. Individual servings pop out easily. The hard plastic lid snaps on with ease and allows for convenient stacking of freezer trays. The lid keeps frozen baby food fresh longer. FDA approved and free of BPA, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate, making them completely safe for babies!
MOJE MAMA Baby Food Freezer Tray Set

– Each silicone freezer trays have 7 cups.
– 2.6-ounce baby food trays for freezing are made from food-safe silicone that won’t chip, crack, or break down.
– You can freeze, heat, and wash baby food holder molds without worries.

 4,7 Rating

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Reusable Silicone Storage Containers with Lids & Spoons

7 portion silicone homemade baby food storage container freezer trays with the best design made from silicone material. Naturally bacteria-free, lead-free, heat-resistant & guaranteed PHTHALATE free. Is the best healthy choice. Useable as juice freezer trays, storage containers, freezer tray for juice, freezer tray with lid, silicone ice cube tray with lid, baby food tray silicone, food freezer storage, ice ball mold makes & cooking food molds.
KIDDO FEEDO Freezer Tray with Silicone Clip-on Lid review

– Premium quality food-grade silicone which is naturally bacteria, odor, and stain-resistant and free of any BPA’s, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, nitrosamines, and other nasties that can leach into baby’s food.

 4,7 Rating

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Making Homemade Baby Food Storage Super Easy

The flexible silicone material with the round, wide shape of each cube, and the sturdy base of the tray means each frozen cube releases with very minimal effort. No more twisting and sore fingers!

There are a few recommended ways to remove each portion from the Kiddo Feedo Freezer Tray.

  1. Leave the tray at room temperature for a couple of minutes, then turn the tray upside down and then press the indented circle of the portion that you wish to release.
  2. Turn the tray upside down and hold the portion you want to pop out for a few seconds under warm running water and then press the indented circle of the cube you wish to release.
  3. If you’re not sensitive to the cold, hold your warm hand around the portion you wish to pop out, and slowly push it out.
Homemade Baby Silicone Baby Food Freezer Review

– 100% BPA-free silicone which makes it safer for your family, super flexible, and completely safe for the microwave or the freezer.
– Put in the top rack of your dishwasher to save you time and effort.

 4,7 Rating

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Purees and Finger Foods, Flexible BPA Free Meal Prep Container, Non-Stick

Product Details:

  • Multipurpose Baby Food Tray with Leakproof Lid.
  • 100% Food-Grade Safe Silicone.
  • 24 Individual Cubes (1-oz. Portions).
  • Flexible, Non-Stick Design.
  • Heat Resistant (-40°F to 446°F).
  • Microwave and Freezer Safe.
  • BPA Free and Non-Toxic Materials.
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.5” x 5” x 1.25”.
  • Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean.

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Tips for freezing baby food

If you cook the purée meals yourself, make sure that all kitchen utensils have been thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher at 149 °F or with hot water and detergent and rinsed well.You can store the home-cooked purée in the refrigerator for one day. Store the purée in the coldest area (usually on the glass plate above the vegetable compartment). If you prepare larger quantities of a complete purée meal, you can freeze it in portions.And this is how it is done:

  • After puréeing the vegetables or fruits, cool it down as quickly as possible and freeze the portions immediately afterward so that no germs multiply. You can use freezer cans or clean glasses as containers.
  • Frozen purée from our own production can be kept for up to two months at -0,4 °F.
  • It is important to freeze the purée and only defrost it quickly immediately before feeding, either in a water bath or in the microwave to prevent vitamin loss.
  • Do not let the purée defrost in the refrigerator overnight.

Before feeding, stir the purée well and test its temperature. To do this, take a small portion with your own spoon, for example, to try it out.
If you defrost the frozen jars in the microwave, you must be especially careful: the food is heated unevenly and the child could scald itself on particularly hot food parts. This is where the food must be stirred very carefully and its temperature tested.

Instead of complete meals, you can also freeze the individual ingredients such as vegetables or meat – for example in ice cube trays – and remove them as required.
Potatoes are not suitable for freezing separately, however, as there is a considerable loss of taste.
Once thawed, portions of mash must not be reheated or deep-frozen.

❓ What is the best way to freeze baby food?

Use an ice cube tray to freeze, a silicone ice cube tray with a lid, or a small freezer bag with the contents pressed flat. Store frozen baby food in a freezer storage bag in the freezer for up to 3 months. To avoid freezer burn, try to remove as much air as possible from the storage bags.

❓ What baby purees can you freeze?

Blueberries and other berries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, green beans, peaches, peas, squash (such as acorn squash, butternut squash, winter squash, and pumpkin), sweet potato, meats (including beef, chicken, and fish).

❓ Does freezing food destroy nutrients?

The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients. In meat and poultry products, there is little change in nutrient value during freezer storage.

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