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Baby High Chair

From the age of about 6 months, babies begin to take an interest in the food of the grown-ups – a sign that they should take a seat at the dining table very soon. The prerequisite: your own high chair.

Babies and toddlers are in good hands at the table when they have found a place in a special seat. The table seat is a popular alternative to a classic high chair and is not only popular when traveling. It can be easily attached to the table, packed small and handy, and is suitable from the sitting age.

What are the types of high chairs for children?

There are many ways to place your baby at the dining table.

Stair high chair

  • often also called “Tripp Trapp” chair
  • staircase-shaped construction – separate storage area for the feet
  • suitable from sitting age
  • high comfort of use: there is room not only for toddlers but also for schoolchildren and sometimes
  • even adults
  • “grows with you” – individually adjustable
  • no baby seat, but seat belt (optional)

Combination high chair

  • classic child seat
  • the child has its own little table – can be removed if desired
  • can also be used as a “small chair” or table
  • high comfort: most models have comfortable padding
  • very high safety: “lattice” and seat belt

Multipurpose high chair

  • optical highlight: available in many colors and patterns – from plain to playful
  • Multi-purpose: backrest can be adjusted so far back that the child can lie in it – therefore usable even
  • before sitting age
  • high comfort: most models have comfortable padding
  • high safety: seat belt
  • very easy to clean
  • can usually be folded up

Table seat/travel high chair

  • A high chair that is clamped to the tabletop
  • especially suitable for traveling – often a transport bag is included in delivery
  • hygienic: a child does not have to sit in strange (possibly dirty) children’s chairs in cafes or restaurants
  • easy assembly

The most important purchase criteria for the table seat

As with the purchase of a stroller, parents do not want to compromise on the table seat for the dining table or kitchen table. The child’s chair should be practical and inexpensive, high quality, and usable for a long time. Of course, you can use a simple booster seat. But the booster seat is usually suitable only for older children and not so safe. Special children’s furniture for the table, on the contrary, is equipped with straps. Therefore, when buying baby things, as it is the high chair baby, parents should calmly plan some time and go in search of the optimal table seat. If it should be the travel variant, which is also known as a clamping seat, then this baby article is available in different variants.


Most table seats are made of a metal frame (often aluminum) and a fabric cover (often polyester or other synthetic fabric).

  • Advantages: Aluminum is comparatively light, so the seats are usually very easy to pack and transport from place to place without much effort. Polyester is particularly tear-resistant and is also very easy to wipe clean – do not underestimate how quickly such a chair can get dirty.

The clamps used to attach the seat to the table should have a rubber coating – otherwise there is a risk that they will leave unsightly scratches on the tabletop.

Tip: With many table seats, the fabric cover can be removed and washed by hand or in the washing machine. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions!

Load capacity

Various table seat tests show that most models can carry loads of up to about 33lb. On average, children reach a body weight of 33lb when they are between two and three years old. But they shouldn’t sit in the table seat much longer than that anyway: at some point, it will be time for a chair of their own.

Safety belt

It is particularly important that your table seat has a belt, because: safety always comes first. With the help of a belt, you can strap your child in and prevent them from climbing or sliding out of the chair and possibly even falling.

The current standard is three-point harnesses, but there are also models with five-point harnesses that are supposed to be especially safe. A five-point harness has additional shoulder straps designed to prevent your child from standing up in the chair.

Generally, though, it’s difficult for toddlers to stand up in a table seat because their legs hang freely in the air and there’s no “footboard.” So a three-point harness is usually sufficient.

Caution: As a general rule, you should never leave your child unattended in the table seat! We also recommend that you regularly check the seat for stability and firm support. It is important that you only attach your table seat to tables that are firm and stable – glass tables, camping tables or tables with only one base are unsuitable.


If you want to buy a table seat, you should first measure how thick the top of your dining table is. Most table seats are suitable for tabletops with a height of between 0.8 and 3.5 “. However, you should definitely pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications – depending on the model, there are significant differences here.


When buying also pay attention to what extras your favorite offers. Some models come with a practical transport bag, which is especially useful if you want to take the table seat with you on trips.

In addition, many table seats have a pocket on the back part, in which you can store bibs and Co.

Occasionally, table seats can have other special functions: For example, a table seat that can rotate 360°. Whether such a function is actually indispensable is questionable – nevertheless, it can prove helpful in certain situations.

The best hook on high chairs for babies

Best Portable Table Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

 4,9 Rating

It is designed with parents and babies in mind, from its quick setup at most tables to its durable construction. This baby high chair will allow for a quick and easy mealtime whether at home or on the go and includes an integrated travel-friendly carry bag. The fold-flat closing system was designed for easy setup and hassle-free operation.

  • Fit tables up to 3.3″.
  • Portable, collapsible design.
  • Handy storage pocket.

Best Portable Table Chair Review Video

Hook on chair with tray for on the go

A baby table seat is especially convincing because of its mobility. Unlike a high chair, it can be clamped to the table in no time at all and stowed away again to save space after the meal. For this reason, the table seat is also well suited for traveling.

Here we have collected the advantages and disadvantages of a table seat.


  • perfect seat always with you
  • can also be used at outdoor tables
  • a safety belt is always adjusted correctly
  • baby knows the seat and feels comfortable


  • not all models are “table friendly” – scratches possible!
  • some pubs/restaurants do not allow the attachment
  • additional storage space in the car necessary
  • not every model fits on all table tops


Hours of research


Products Reviewed



Hook On High Chairs for Babies Review

Hook On High Chairs for Babies

Best Travel Hook On High Chair

Toogel Clip on Table Chair

Toogel Clip on Table Chair
  • Be used only for tables 0.79″ to 3.15″
  • Multi-needle sutured fabric
  • Need only 20s quick installation and disassembled

 4,8 Rating

View on Amazon

As a space-saving and lightweight chair, it’s the real choice for you and your baby to make a free journey with it. Non-slip support handrails, not mark tables or pinch fingers. Only 20 seconds to finish quick installation or dismantlement. Removable fabric and seat pad, no fabric crack. All parts can be easily removable, making it easy to hide away or take on the go.

Best Safe Clip-On Highchair

Phil&teds Clip-On Table Highchair

Phil&teds Clip-On Table Highchair
  • Tables from 0.8″ up to 3.75″.
  • Can accommodate a child 3 months to 3 years up to a max weight of 37 pounds.
  • Robust aluminum clamps.

The lobster is lightweight, with flat-packing portability and quick-smart clamping for ease of use with virtually any table. The lobster claws twist to grip tables from 0.8 – 3.75 ” thick for a secure, fuss-free attachment. Weighing just under 4 pounds, the lobster is extremely travel-friendly, making it convenient to take to restaurants, on family vacations, or to grandma’s house.

Best Rotatable Hook-On Chair

Chicco 360 Hook-On Chair

Chicco 360 Hook-On Chair
  • Innovative seat locks in 6 positions.
  • Machine-washable fabric.
  • For children from 6 to 36 months, up to 37 lbs.

Chicco’s 360-degree rotating hook-on chair has an innovative seat that locks in 6 positions for happy and interactive mealtimes. The snap-on serving tray provides a neat and clean surface for meals at home or away. Washable fabric seat pad and dishwasher-safe tray make clean-up easy. Rubber grips clamps to table quickly and securely negotiating table skirts up to 5.5″ thick and the yellow highlighted buttons won’t leave you searching for how to adjust the chair.

Best Hook On Chair with Tray

TCBunny Clip on High Chair for Babies and Toddlers

TCBunny Clip on High Chair for Babies and Toddlers
  • Denim.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • 5-Point Harness.

 4,8 Rating

View on Amazon

It is the perfect travel highchair to fit your busy lifestyle. The travel seat folds compactly. The fabric seat can easily be removed and machine/hand-washed to keep your seat looking sharp. 5-point safety harness secures both the waist and legs, allowing children ages 6-36 months max 60lbs (the literal safety cert. Requirement must meet up to 37 pounds) to be comfortable but also secured in the seat.

Chicco Caddy Portable Hook-On High Chair – Video

Hook On High Chairs for Babies - FAQ

❓ How safe are table seats?

A properly fitted table seat will hold securely to the table due to its construction. It is important not to exceed the maximum load capacity and to pay attention to the maximum tabletop thickness. Also, the child should always be strapped in immediately and not left unattended at the table.

❓ When can I start using a table seat?

As soon as the baby can sit independently, which is usually the case from about six months, he or she is also able to participate in the family meal in a table seat. Even if babies don’t join in the meal at this age, they can already learn by watching how their parents behave at the table. In addition, most children love to be there for everything. A table seat can therefore contribute significantly to a relaxed dining atmosphere.

❓ How long should my child sit at the table?

Of course, children should learn table manners at an early age. However, whether the rule “We stay seated until everyone has finished eating” is followed should also depend on the age of the offspring.

Especially “table newbies” are not yet able to sit still for that long. That’s why it’s okay for babies or toddlers to get up as soon as they’ve finished eating. From around kindergarten age, however, you can expect your child to stay at the table – even if he or she has finished eating.

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