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Baby’s First Tooth

The eruption of the teeth causes a lot of trouble for some babies. Every child suffers differently.

What helps against teething pain and sleepless nights? With dark shadows under your eyes, you’re doing your rounds at night, you’ve pulled all the distraction tricks out of your bag of tricks, but your baby isn’t in a good mood at all and is struggling. Even during the day, your otherwise contented bundle of joy is in a bad mood and whiny. The best place on earth at all times: Mommy’s arm…

When the first teeth come in, it can sometimes be uncomfortable for the child and mom, because, until the first little white peeps out, teething can be quite painful for your baby. Of course, you have to get through it. But what helpers are there to ease baby’s teething pain so that you both get through this time okay? And how can you tell that it’s really the first teeth that are bothering your baby so much? Tips on how you can support your baby during teething so that the discomfort is less.

How can I tell that my baby is teething?

Sometimes it is not so easy to recognize what is wrong with your baby. Is it really teething, or is an infection coming on? In order to help your baby, it is important to interpret the symptoms correctly.

Babies start teething gradually from the 6th month – sometimes even earlier – when they have 20 teeth. However, some babies continue to smile adorably toothless until 10 months or even 11 months. Some children get the teeth so incidentally. The teeth are then suddenly there, without sleepless nights, pain, and crying. But for many babies, teething is a real pain in the neck.

How does a baby behave when teething?

When the teeth push through the gums, it causes many babies distress: The gums tighten, pinch, itch, and hurt. These signs could indicate that your baby is teething:

  • Your baby bites and chews on everything it can get its hands on.
  • Saliva flows in streams and runs out of the corners of the mouth.
  • Reddened cheeks, especially on the side where a new tooth is announced.
  • Gums are red and swollen. The baby rubs at them frequently.
  • In conjunction with these symptoms, increased body temperature and soft stools are also possible.
  • Your little one is at times very whiny and unhappy, which unfortunately also brings the one or another restless night.

Contrary to popular belief, more serious symptoms such as fever in the baby and diarrhea are not normal side effects of teething.

The cause is more likely to be an infection that just happens to coincide with the eruption of the teeth. We advise a visit to the pediatrician as a precaution should more serious and persistent symptoms of illness occur in your baby.

By the way, not all babies have teething problems. Sometimes parents discover the first or another little tooth purely by chance, without their baby suffering noticeably from the eruption.

If your little one is not one of these lucky ones, we have some tips for you on how to make teething easier for your baby.

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What helps the baby with teething?


Massaging the gums is good for many babies now. Simply use a clean finger or baby dental care finger cots. To ease the pain, you can rub the gums with cool chamomile tea. The cooled tea made from 5 cloves boiled in 200 ml of water for about ten minutes can also relieve teething pain.

Let bite

Chewing on harder objects also acts as a soothing massage for pressing and itching gums. Non-toxic teething rings or moist washcloths are best suited for this purpose. Slightly cooled, they reduce blood flow, soothe the pain and inhibit possible inflammation. A piece of bread crust or chilled pieces of fennel and carrot can also serve as teething aids. Don’t leave your baby unattended with them, though, as they could choke.


A cold spoon from the refrigerator, teething rings with cooling elements, or tinctures with a cooling effect – cold also soothes and helps with teething.

Teething gel

If your baby is suffering a lot, painkilling and anti-inflammatory teething gels can provide relief. Ask your pediatrician or the pharmacy for advice on the right ointment and important instructions for use.


Some moms swear by homeopathy for teething pain. The active ingredient chamomilla (camomile) is particularly suitable.


With increased salivation during teething, the neck and chest are soaked in no time. Scarves and bibs ensure that rompers and shirts stay dry.

It’s best to try out which of these tips will help your baby during teething. After all, no two children are the same. Many pediatrician’s warning: Be careful with amber necklaces. It’s better to use other teething aids such as teething rings or violet roots. In general, distraction and tenderness are certainly the best sedatives for any teething baby.


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Best Baby Teethers

Baby's First Tooth

Dental care from the very beginning

No sooner has the teethers arrived than they want to be cared for. This is how you prevent tooth decay and toothache and get your baby used to the important ritual of brushing his teeth. Midwives recommend gently rubbing the baby’s chewing area with a damp washcloth or molleton cloth from time to time before the first tooth erupts.

From the first tooth on, brushing with a damp cloth, finger cloth or cotton swab should then be a matter of course, because breast milk and bottle feeds also contain natural sugars that attack tooth enamel. From the seventh month, you can also brush your baby’s teeth properly, i.e. with a toothbrush and a special children’s toothpaste – once or twice a day, and certainly in the evening before bedtime.

Baby teeth – the right care

As soon as the first tooth is there, it must also be brushed. So brushing should not start with the toddler. To prevent tooth decay and maintain healthy enamel, regular oral hygiene and a healthy diet are necessary right from the start. Because the little teethers are not protected against caries.

At first, it is enough to gently wipe them clean with a special finger toothbrush (from the pharmacy) in the morning and evening – this is also a wonderful massage for your baby. If the child cooperates, you can also use a real toothbrush right away (but at the latest, from the second tooth). Preferably, one with a small head and short, very soft plastic bristles. Once all the baby teeth are in place, a brush with slightly longer bristles, a narrow head, and a thick, easy-to-grip handle is ideal – it’s also a good way for the child to practice brushing by himself.

And when is toothpaste necessary? From the first milk tooth.

That’s because fluoride-containing children’s toothpaste hardens the enamel and prevents tooth decay. A mini portion is enough. Spread well on the brush head, it cannot be swallowed.

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Best Homeopathic Medicine for Teething Relief

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Best Oral Pain Relief Tablets with Chamomilla

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What keeps teeth healthy:

With regard to the skincare products you use during pregnancy, you should try out what works for you. You may also seek advice on this from a professional beautician. However, caution is advised with some products.

For example, essential oils for skincare should not be used on your own during pregnancy – the essential oils of ginger, bay leaf, verbena, cinnamon, juniper, and some other plants can induce labor or be harmful to your baby during pregnancy. Medicated skincare products should be prescribed by your doctor for the same reason.

  • Starting at one year of age, give a cup or mug instead of a water bottle.
  • Few sweets and sour treats – it’s not the quantity that counts, but the frequency. So if you do have a sweet tooth or fruit juice, then only once in a while.
  • Give pacifiers as rarely as possible, because they can deform the jaw. If your baby still needs a pacifier to fall asleep, take it out of his mouth and out of his crib as soon as he slumbers. That way, he can’t put it back in the middle of the night when he’s half asleep.

This makes you want to brush your teeth:

  • Be a role model, because children learn by imitating.
  • Integrate dental care into a pleasant ritual – it quickly becomes a matter of course.
  • Make a game out of it. And sometimes use tricks if the child refuses to open its mouth: say “Aaaa,” for example, and the baby’s mouth will often open automatically. Or make the child laugh while quickly scrubbing the little teeth with a brush.

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