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It is not suggested to push your baby to use an exercise seat until they are ready. But if he or she begins to give signals that they are prepared to use a seat, it’s worth checking out the Boppy Chair and the Bumbo Seat, as both provide a number of important advantages to assist your child on this next big learning milestone.

In most cases, you can use the Boppy or Bumbo seat to help during feeding time without having to remove the entire high chair. They can also be useful to help your baby continue to sit up without assistance, and as long as he or she is comfortable in the seat, you can use your best judgment to decide which seat is best for your baby.

In essence, they might appear quite alike, yet as you would probably guess, there are plenty of differences that make them stand out from one another. When all is said and done, the choice between the Boppy Chair and the Bumbo Seat lies entirely on your shoulders, but with both options offering a great deal for your baby’s growth, it’s worth checking out what they both provide and potentially what they are missing.

Key distinctions between Boppy Chair and Bumbo

We have noticed that both of these items are made to offer comfy seating for your growing kid, so this is a likeness, yet allow us to shortly go into the distinctions that make them stand out from each other.

  • Adjustability: The Bumbo training chair mounts to almost any piece of furniture, but it does not fold, unlike the Boppy chair. Components of the Bumbo chair, like the tray and foam seat, are detachable, while most of it is stationary. The entire Boppy chair, meanwhile, can be easily folded for portability.
  • Usability: The Boppy chair is made to be used as either a floor or table chair, based on the stage your child is at. The Bumbo training seat is made more like a booster chair for everything needed for the occasion.
  • Extra features: The Boppy seat has a handle for transporting the chair, which makes it ultra-portable. Meanwhile, the Bumbo training seat features a durable design to accommodate your child’s progress, featuring two separate height adjustments for tall and short.Despite these differences, the two chairs have some things in common, except that they are training seats for an infant or toddler. Their designs help you efficiently start feeding your child from a child’s tray or play with most of his toys while you go about your daily business. Also, the chairs are designed to strengthen your child’s spine while providing leg room and comfort.
    This comparison is all about finding out where the best option lies between two similar but distinctly different training seats. In order for you to draw your conclusions, you need to have sufficient information, and that’s why we’re packed with extensive and detailed information.

Boppy chair for babies

You may know the Bobby brand best for its nursing pillow, which has been a staple for parents for years. Unsurprisingly, the same quality that the brand put into the pillow has also been put into the Boppy Chair, which is useful not only for getting your baby used to sit up by himself but also as a sort of booster seat for mealtimes if you decide to use it that way.
The chair itself is very soft, which is due to the fact that it is made almost entirely of fabric. When not in use, the chair folds up quickly and can be stored just about anywhere, which sets it apart from other similar chairs for babies.
This dedicated chair will be delivered with a detachable tray, that can also be washed in the dishwasher. However, it can be fitted for feeding, or you can just set some toys on top of it with which your young one prefers to play.
While it is suitable for babies of three months and older, this chair is delivered complete with a thick, upholstered pad for use when desired. If you need to place it on a dining chair at home, simply strap it around the back of the chair to keep it firmly in place.
The Boppy Chair will be with your baby until his or her first birthday, and while it’s not recommended to put it in the washing machine, you can simply wipe off the cloth if the baby gets a little dirty. Still, one of the great things about the Boppy Chair is that because it can fold flat, you’ll be able to bring it with you wherever you go and you’ll be able to even take it with you to restaurants.

Features of the Boppy Chair:

  • Age range: The Boppy Chair is advised for babies from three months to one-year-old.
  • Materials used: with the detachable tray inclusive, the complete chair is manufactured from supple cloth and BPA-free plastic.
  • Attachments: a detachable tray and detachable belts are provided with the chair, meaning you don’t have to buy additional ones.
  • Cost: on Amazon, the Boppy Chair is $50. Boppy Baby Chair, Elephant Walk, Gray.
    It can be purchased on Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.


  • The insert will be perfect for younger babies. As soon as it is taken off, your growing baby can still fit in the chair for a while with ease.
  • Plus, it features a slip-resistant base, so it doesn’t slip when secured to a dining chair or simply sitting on the floor.
  • As soon as your baby is grown old enough, the tablet transforms the chair into a high chair, making it one handier option for using the Boppy Chair.
  • It can be easily and quickly folded up for storage or to carry with you when you’re on the go.


  • Since the cloth itself cannot be detached, you cannot put it in the machine to clean it, and this can be impractical, particularly if there is a large amount of dirt.
  • As the chair is not very weighty, it is not going to weigh you down if you are sitting on the floor.
  • Some people may consider the chair a little cumbersome, despite the fact it is made to hold your baby for up to a year.

Bumbo & Boppy Chair for Babies Reviews

Boppy Baby Chair

Boppy Baby Chair
  • Removable bolster.
  • Use on floor and as a booster seat.

Bumbo Floor Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat
  • 3-point safety harness.
  • Encourages good posture.

Bumbo Baby Infant Toddler Soft Foam Booster

Bumbo Baby Infant Toddler Soft Foam Booster
  • With Removable Tray.
  • for Kids 6 to 36 Months.

Bumbo Multi Seat

Bumbo Multi Seat
  • Converts Into Booster Seat and High Chair.
  • For infants (3-9 months).

Bumbo seat

The Bumbo seat is probably the more famous of these two as a baby seat. This might be because of its robustness, which allows the chair to remain steady on the floor when it’s not being used, or because the Bumbo’s unique design enables it to be easily pushed into place for most babies.
The Bumbo is built to make it easier for your baby to sit up at feeding times or while playing, plus the sturdy foam around your baby’s body aids in posture too. Predictably, it’s not advisable to begin using the Bumbo seat until your baby is able to hold his or her head up unassisted.
As soon as this is the situation, it is possible to use it at home or even carry it with you and use it as their seat or even as a potential booster seat anyway. Because it has a restraining belt, you can keep your baby from leaning forward or falling while sitting in the chair.
While the foam is sufficiently thick and dense to avoid the seat from falling over accidentally, yet it’s lightweight at the same time to carry with you outside the house, on a picnic, or on a trip. Moreover, it is really handy to be able to have so many necessities with you in case you are dealing with a growing baby. For quite a lot of babies, the Bumbo is actually their first seat, and when it comes to infant seats, this is definitely one which provides both convenience and flexibility.

Characteristics of the Bumbo seat:

  • Age range: The Bumbo seat is advised for babies between 3-9 months of age.
  • Types of materials used: it is made from safe, low-density Bumbo foam.
  • Supplies: although the Bumbo does not feature any accessories, you can buy the feeding tablet or the attachable teat toy separately.
  • Cost: On Amazon, the Bumbo seat costs $50.
  • Where to buy: you can buy the seat on Amazon or in-store at Target and Walmart.


  • If your baby can sit up easily, the Bumbo seat can help him sit up a little straighter each time.
  • It’s light enough to take with you wherever you go, yet firm and stable enough to stay in place instead of falling over easily.
  • You can also use it as a booster seat and even a high chair if you decide to buy the adjustable tray for it.
  • The Bumbo foam is soft enough so that your baby really can’t hurt themselves, although it is still recommended that you keep an eye on your baby all the way in the seat.


  • In case your baby grows somewhat faster or has bigger legs, he or she may grow out of the Bumbo seat more quickly than other babies.
  • Additionally, some parents feel that the detachable seat harnesses do not benefit them very much.
  • As the Bumbo foam passes between the legs, this might make it unpleasant for your baby based on his size and depending on if the diaper is bulky or not.

Bumbo chair reviews

  •  “This is a wonderful seat for my baby. He has learned to sit up better and more straight in this seat. It builds up his neck muscles too. It keeps him very firmly in place. I normally place my son in this seat while we are eating so that he is near us and able to see us still.” – Adam on Amazon.
  •  “My baby is 6 months old and refuses to sit supported by cushions or do tummy time. I got this in hopes that this would be a fun way for him to be able to sit on his own while also strengthening his core, and he totally adores it!” – Ziba Velazquez on Amazon.
  • “This is the absolute best chair for newborns, without a doubt. My 5-month-old absolutely adores it, she is sitting facing the TV, and I have a feeling it has helped reinforce her posture too. Hats off to you for creating such a marvelous product.” – Joshua Mallen on Amazon.
  • “This seat is awesome! My boys are learning to sit, and they have gotten so much better since we have had this seat. It is also a lovely place for them to sit and watch you do things. I absolutely adore that it’s soft so it won’t be inconvenient as their legs grow bigger.” – Kirwats on Amazon.

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The verdict: Boppy or Bumbo Chair?

Given the fact that these two seats are pretty alike, you probably struggle to choose anyway. If you compare the two, the more obvious and trustworthy option is the Bumbo Baby Multifunctional Seat with Tray, Blue.
Of course, Boppy has its positives for your growing baby, yet whenever it matters, the Bumbo is most certainly the more appropriate pick for you. Definitely, you should give them both a try to limit the selections for yourself, though to be frank, you can’t ignore all that the Bumbo has to give, primarily due to its portability and the long life it will last you.
While plenty of parents count on the two brands, and while both feature similar products to get your babysitting up and more self-sufficient in an upright position, the Bumbo remains the more durable option on this occasion.

Bumbo seat vs high chair

If it is used for babies under 4 months of age, the Bumbo might stunt their progress, but by 6+ months of age, it is safe to be used at the table. At that point, however, its primary purpose as a floor seat will be unnecessary. The child is fully capable of sitting straight up on their own now, and they would benefit more developmentally from being able to have room to move around.
The Bumbo seat offers a 1-year lifespan, whereas the majority of high chairs are designed to be used until the child is 3 years old. It appears that when it comes to investment, there isn’t a lot of benefits to purchasing a Bumbo versus a high chair.
Furthermore, a lot of parents believe that their babies grow out of the Bumbo way too fast to make it a worthwhile investment, and numerous have commented that the leg holes don’t fit their child’s thighs. The high chair, on the other hand, offers plenty of room to grow.

Bumbo floor seat vs multi seat

The Bumbo multi-seat is suitable for babies and toddlers who are ready to sit by themselves. It is possible to transform this multi-seat for babies to suit the various phases of your child’s development. The leg openings are wider, the back is shaped less round and the seat is not as inclined when compared to the floor seat, offering additional room for developing toddlers. The floor seat is most useful for little babies who aren’t ready to sit up independently yet.


Both of these seats are created to satisfy the kid’s needs when it comes to learning how to sit. On this fundamental level, both of these seats fulfill the demands flawlessly. However, they are set apart by their distinctions. The Bumbo Training Seat features a detachable foam tray, which is perfect for smaller kids who are a bit shaky when sitting and are beginning to learn how to sit. Once the foam is taken off, it’s great for older kids who can already sit without help. The seat itself does not fold, but can only be detached in pieces. Meaning that it will always need a lot of space. Still, it is a handy choice, since it can guide your child from babyhood to the early childhood of 3 years.

FAQ’s about Floor Seat

✅ When should I get a seat?

Although there are universal standards for child development, they can vary from child to child. Therefore, there is no specific time period when it is “perfect” to teach your child to sit. He will make natural attempts, and when you notice these attempts, it is only right to help him along by getting a training seat that works.

✅ Are halter lengths important?

Although most people don’t pay attention to halter length, it is very important. Your baby may be taller than most, but that doesn’t mean the straps should dig into your child’s skin. The age range for each seat will give you an idea of the seat to get. If your 3-month-old baby is chubby, then you may want a seat that is durable for a 6-month-old, just so you don’t hurt your child.

✅ Is it possible to put the seat in my car?

No. The foldable chair may be placed, however, the belts are not sustainable for use in a car. It is recommended that you consider investing in a car seat that offers you, as a parent or caregiver, the safety you are looking for. Having a training seat as a car seat is actually not as cost-effective as it might appear. All you would do is risk your kid’s life by doing so.

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