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Baby Bathtub

Although a baby’s skin enjoys natural protection after birth, the first bath is soon on the agenda. As soon as the navel has healed, the offspring can enjoy a gentle full-body cleansing and the pleasant warmth of the water.

But the environment must also be right. Your own bathtub is too big for this, and the sink is often too small. A separate bathtub for your baby is therefore part of the basic equipment. In our comparison, you’ll find a balanced mix of tried-and-tested baby tubs from which you can choose your personal favorite.

The Best Baby Product

Angelcare Baby Bath Support for Babies

 4,9 Rating

The Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. This is the graet baby care product every new parents should have. Bath support is mildew-resistant and hygienic. The Angelcare Bath Support is recommended for babies up to 6 months of age. Maximum recommended weight capacity is 9 kg (20 lb).

  • 100% Plastic.
  • Easy to use on daily basis.
  • Ergonomically designed for your baby’s comfort and safety.

Angelcare’s Baby Bath Support in Pink is loved by babies and recommended by parents all over the world! The Baby Bath Support has been ergonomically designed to hold baby securely leaving parents’ hands free to enjoy this previous time with their little one.


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The Best bathtub for infants and toddlers

Bathing Tubs & Seats for Babies Review

Review Best Bathtub for Babies

The most important thing about baby baths

  • Baby tubs make the bathing experience suitable for children.
  • They are made of rigid or foldable plastic.
  • Baby bathtubs are popular in classic form and as a bath bucket.
  • Depending on the size and design, they require little storage space.
  • With a baby bathtub set, you have everything you need right at hand.
  • Anti-slip elements and rounded edges ensure safety during bathing.
  • One bath per week is sufficient for a baby.

Best Bathtub for Babies Review

PRIMO EuroBath for Babies and Toddlers

  • Baby bath for ages 0 to 24 months with 2 bathing
  • Made in the USA – BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate
  • Drain plug for easy draining and clean up.

 4,8 Rating

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PRIMO’s EuroBath makes bath time safe, fun and convenient for both baby and parents. It’s like gaining an extra pair of hands for mom and dad! It’s the first “smart” bath because the unique anatomical shape keeps baby in the ideal bathing position and prevents the baby from slipping under the water. The extra-large size and double position make the EuroBath perfect from the very first day up to baby’s second birthday.

Blooming Bath Lotus for Infants for Sink

    • Recommended for infants 0 to 6 months.
    • Four petal design fits sinks optimally.
    • It measures 33 inches tip-to-tip.

 4,8 Rating

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Simply plug the sink drain, insert the Blooming Bath, and pool water to the desired level and temperature Polyurethane foam on the inside helps it dry fast with no chance of mold or mildew. Materials are never treated with any harmful chemicals or flame retardants.

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

    • Non slip, compact infant tub holds baby upright in a safe seated position.
    • Pull tub drain makes it easy to clean.
    • From 0 to 12 months.

 4,8 Rating

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If you’re struggling to keep the baby secure or warm during bath time, it can be stressful. Therefore, the baby tub from Munchkin can be your new best friend! Designed to keep even the littlest babies in an upright position, this innovative non-slip tub features a padded backrest and built-in support bump that keeps babies safe in the water’s warm embrace.

Summer Infant Baby Bathtub Seat for Sit-Up Bathing

    • A high backrest provides comfort, support, and all-around stability.
    • Easy set-up, removal and storage.
    • Accommodates standard rectangular tubs ”21-24” wide.

 4,8 Rating

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The Summer My Bath Seat for toddlers provides a helping hand to parents at bath time and is perfect for increasingly mobile little ones transitioning to an adult tub. With its three sturdy arms for 360° of support, high backrest, and spacious frame, you can keep your baby securely in place while freeing up both of your hands to scrub and play.

Ginsey Inflatable Safety Bathtub

    • Features air-cushioned, non-slip textured surface and water temperature display.
    • Large storage pockets for easy access to soap & shampoo.
    • Easy to use. Simply rinse & use attached hook to air dry

 4,8 Rating

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The inflatable safety bathtub is equipped with all the bathing basics to wash more and worry less. The soft cushion material is comfortable for the baby, while a back piece provides additional support parents need when washing. A water temperature display and large storage pockets make start to finish a breeze. When bath time is over, you can simply air dry with the included suction cup. Deflate for storage or family trips!

How to Bathe Your Baby?

When it comes to bathing fun for babies, it’s important to find a good balance: The baby should not take a full bath too seldom or too often. More than one bath per week is not necessary in the first months of life. The bath should also not last longer than 10 minutes.

A suitable baby bathtub provides ideal conditions. It makes it easier for parents to care for their child and turns bath time into an experience. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the baby bath in a set, rely on a foldable baby bath or use a bath tub reducer for your baby: Most babies feel pudelwohl in the warm water.

What You'll Need to Know About Baby's First Bath

The space conditions at your home and the character of your baby are important reasons for a baby bath purchase. Here you read about what else you should pay attention to and what considerations help in choosing a baby bathtub.

  • Workmanship

The materials of baby bathtubs can be found in the plastic range. Here you should look for BPA-free products, whose freedom from harmful substances can be proven by test marks in the best case. There should also be no sharp edges to prevent damage to the baby’s delicate skin.

  • Size

The larger the tub, the longer it can be used. However, very small babies often feel lost in a large tub and also more difficult to hold.

  • Storage space

If you have to manage in a small apartment, it may be better to go for space-saving products. Here, inflatable models are very effective. If the baby bath is foldable, it also takes up less storage space. If you can store the baby bath in your own bathtub while it is not in use, the dimensions of the product should be less of a problem.

  • Water outlet

Emptying a full baby bath is not always possible with a flick of the wrist. Especially if you can’t use it near a drain. This is where small features like a drain hose can help you drain the water into buckets. You should also consider the bath bucket because of the small amount of water.

  • Safety

Where it’s wet, there’s a risk of slipping. This also applies to baby tubs. Some models already come with anti-slip pads, others can be upgraded with them. Even if an additional bath seat is involved, it must stand securely in the tub. When buying a bath bucket, you need to look for a non-slip rubber on the bottom.

  • Comfort for the child

For children who are comfortable in limited space, a tub can hardly be small enough. Children with an urge to move need more free space and a correspondingly large tub.

  • Comfort for parents

A bathing session in which you are allowed to stand upright is an enormous relief for your back. Models that come with a suitable frame are ideal for this. A bath bucket, on the other hand, belongs on the floor. But sitting comfortably on the floor can also have its advantages.

Where can I put the baby bath?

When bathing, damp skin can quickly cool down. Therefore, the baby bath is ideally located in a room where the room temperature is pleasantly warm.

This is usually the case in the bathroom. The safest place for the baby bath is in its own bathtub, in the shower or on the floor. Then, on the one hand, water is allowed to spill over and your child can hardly hurt himself if he climbs out of the tub.

A baby bathtub with a frame is best placed in the room, rarely in the shower and hardly ever in the bathtub. Partly, it is also possible to buy a special bath attachment for the baby bath, which is then mounted only slightly elevated on its own bath. For safety, it is essential that all assembly instructions for racks are followed correctly.

Not only the temperature of the air in the room plays a role in choosing the right place, but also filling and emptying the baby bath. Therefore, a good position is near a water source and drain.

In the case of a baby tub for the shower, this is not a problem at all. However, if your baby bathtub is large and space in the bathroom is limited, you might have to switch to another room entirely. Then the heated bedroom, for example, is an alternative. You could use the heater in room.

How long can you use the baby bath?

It depends on the size of the chosen model and also on how fast your child grows. The smaller the baby bathtub, the shorter the period of use. Bath buckets have a disadvantage in this regard. A classic baby tub won’t be suitable for lying in after a while, but once your child can sit, more months of bathing fun are possible.

Some manufacturers offer XL tubs Bath. If the baby bath measures 47″, you will be able to use it for a long time. However, bathing babies is then not so easy and water consumption is higher than with smaller products. In any case, there is nothing to stop you from using the tub for other purposes later on: as a laundry tub, flower pot or storage box.

How to clean and store baby bathtub

Special cleaning products are not really necessary for a baby bathtub, as it is hardly exposed to dirt. It is enough to rinse it with clean water after use and use a cloth to remove soap residues.

Every now and then you can dilute a splash of vinegar or lemon juice with water and use it as a cleaner. This will remove dirt residue while being gentle on the material and disinfecting.

A normal tub or bucket can be easily wiped dry afterwards. Also, residual water runs out well if you leave them upside down in the bathtub or shower for a while. A foldable baby bathtub must be dried properly, because otherwise residues of water and bath additive can collect on the folds. This gives germs ideal breeding ground if baby tubs are not used for a while. The same applies to inflatable models. After use, you can therefore wipe them dry with a cloth and let them air dry for a while before storing them away again.

Accessories for baby baths

Bath additives are not really necessary in the first year of life. For example, a mild oil or a little breast milk in the water is sufficient to care for the skin. Later, you can use mild baby shampoos.

Before even putting your baby in the bath, make sure that the temperature is no more than 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit or 36 degrees Celsius. For toddlers and small children, the ideal bath water temperature is between 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), and the best way to ensure that the water is exactly these temperatures, use thermometers.
If the tub doesn’t already have an integrated anti-slip device, you can spice it up yourself with anti-slip pads. These are usually attached to the inside of the bathtub via nubs and provide grip, especially for older children, if they ever sit up. For babies, a baby bathtub with a seat is a relief for mom or dad’s arms.

How to Bathe a Newborn –  Video

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