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A good breast pump is so much more convenient, and for some mothers and their babies, a breast pump can be vital. For example, a premature baby may not be able to breastfeed but can be bottle-fed. Sometimes the breasts can get engorged, a distressing condition when they get overfilled. A breast pump may be a lifesaver if this happens. If you are a mother who is on medication that may be bad for your baby, a breast pump could be useful to keep the milk stored ahead for times when you have to take it.

Well, if you’re here, then you’re probably trying to figure out either which breast pump you will buy once the baby arrives, or you want to make some improvements to your old pump. Either way, we are betting you probably get the basics of pumping by now, and you have a general idea of what type of breast pump you’re searching for.

The Medela pump and the Ameda pump are both dual electric breast pumps. Both of them are extremely loved by moms, and with good causes. During this side-by-side comparison, we are going to discuss all the shared characteristics of the two pumps, but also their dissimilarities. And by the conclusion, you’ll get a clearer picture of what pump is the perfect option for you.

Why would you need one?

  • Working mother

When maternity leave is over, and you don’t want to resort to formula, you need a breast pump that’s quiet, efficient, and durable enough to pump several times a day at work.

  • A night out

Some moms can breastfeed regularly and only need a pump to use once in a while when they want to take some time off or have a night out with friends.

  • Mother of multiples

If you have twins (or more!), it can be a real challenge to exclusively breastfeed them all. With a pump that works quickly and efficiently, breastfeeding with a bottle becomes much easier without having to resort to formula.

  • Difficulties with nursing

Sometimes babies just struggle to feed or suffer from other medical conditions making breastfeeding an impossible task. Having a breast pump capable of keeping up with your baby’s demand can help guarantee that your baby receives the nutrition he or she requires, regardless of whether you’re able to nurse on a regular basis.

  • Low supply

Although you may not need the milk for bottle feeding, a breast pump that imitates the natural suckling process can boost your milk supply.

  • Excess supply

Whether you believe it or not, overproducing milk can cause engorgement, which can be both inconvenient for the mother and challenging for the baby. A pump that operates fast may help ease the strain and help your baby latch on more easily.

What is better Ameda or Medela breast pump?

In case you are a busy mom, a proper electric double-breast pump is definitely among your top choices for investment. It helps your baby keep enjoying the advantages of breast milk, and it lets you continue enjoying the breastfeeding connection with your baby when you return to work. This is why you really want a pump that is effective, efficient, portable, long-lasting, and dependable. Two of the most preferred electric double pumps are the Ameda Purely Yours and the Medela Pump in Style.


  Ameda Purely Yours Medela Pump In Style Advanced
Pump Type Electric single/dual pump Electric single/dual pump
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Weight 5.9 lbs. 7 lbs.
Closed System: Yes No
Breast Shields No 24 mm
Travel Options Microfiber shoulder bag Microfiber On-the-Go tote bag
Cooler Removable cooler bag Cool’N Carry Milk tote
Ice Packs 3 1
Bottles 4 4
Plastic BPA free BPA free
Battery Pack 6AA batteries not included 8AA batteries not included
Adaptor Yes Yes

Ameda’s Purely Yours Features

  • Lightweight design – the engine is only one pound.
  • Dual hygienic kit collection system for your breast milk.
  • Uses no DEHP, a chemical compound that some moms would like to stay away from.
  • Integrated rechargeable battery pack.
  • Closed system.
  • FDA accepted to allow outside air and milk to be kept apart.

The Ameda Purely Yours is an electric breast pump suitable for both single and double pumping. The device is both practical and portable, making it a handy pump to have on hand when you’re on the go. It also comes with a Cool & Carry bag and cooling batteries, so you can safely store your pumped milk.
The unit is designed so that you can effortlessly adjust the pumping force and speed. This allows you to make the settings that are right for you, whether you prefer to get milk pumped faster or minimize unnecessary pain.
The Ameda pump features a reliable closed system with Airlock Protection. This design keeps breast milk from coming into contact with microbes, molds, and germs that could be risky for your baby. It also comes with a hygiene kit to collect the milk.


  • Closed system
  • Lightweight
  • Dual hygiene kit collection system
  • Adjustable suction and speed


  • The motor is louder than desired
  • Does not include breast shields


  • A system for better hygiene

The Ameda Purely Yours is designed with a closed system. It uses the proven Airlock Protection System and Hygiene-kit milk collection system to further protect your baby from mold, viruses, and other harmful bacteria.

  • Convenience and portability

This system conveniently comes with everything you need to pump on the go. It has a travel bag, battery pack, cooler, ice packs, and extra bottles, so you can easily pump and store your milk when you’re not around your baby.

  • A quiet motor for more discretion

This model has a quiet motor and pump, so you can pump your breast milk more discreetly at work or in the company of others. This is also convenient for nighttime pumping sessions while others are sleeping.

  • Adjustable options

The Ameda features 32 unique adjustable choices to assist you in pumping in the most efficient and convenient way available. This is convenient for times when your breasts may need rest due to sensitivity to pain, or when you are under time constraints and just want to hurry things up a bit.

Why is the Ameda purely better for you than the Medela pump in style advanced?

The Ameda Purely Yours actually could be a superior option for you when you’re concerned about your little one getting in contact with germs, mold, bacteria, viruses, and more. The Ameda features a closed system that forms a protective barrier and ensures the tubing stays dry. As a result, your breast milk will remain clean.

Medela pump in style advanced

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is a portable electric nursing system designed to be used either for single or double pumping. It features speed and suction adjustments, as well as the two-phase express mode and one-touch release, allowing you to pump rapidly when you are short on time.
The unit features completely adjustable adjustments and supplies, allowing you to modify your pumping routine to match your preferences. With one-button vacuum and speed adjustment and PersonalFit breast shield sizes, it allows you to adjust your pumping time to be most pleasant for your body.
The detachable pump is built into the microfiber case for convenient carrying. In addition, it is loaded with essentials for your travels, including a cooler and ice pack, rechargeable battery pack, and additional bottles, making them handy to store in the bag.


  • Two-phase express mode for quick pumping
  • The integrated pump is removable from the pouch
  • Constructed for high-load applications


  • Open system
  • Heavyweight


  • Always ready for action

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced includes all you need to get going – everything from the microfiber pouch with the integrated and removable pump to the bottles and caps. The additional cooler and rechargeable ice pack keep that valuable milk you’ve been pumping so tough cooled until you can store it securely in the fridge.

  • Fast pumping for busy moms

This pump is specifically developed for busy moms. Besides letting, you simultaneously pump from both breasts, it also has a two-phase expression mode with a one-touch delay feature, allowing you to pump more quickly than a conventional breast pump.

  • More milk delivery

The Medela pump is a high-performance device that can manage multiple sittings during the day. It can be a lifesaver if you are concerned about storing sufficient milk. Breastfeeding and pumping can be stressful for any mom. This system is created to imitate a baby’s breastfeeding to ensure that you are able to save a sufficient amount of milk with all of your efforts.

  • BPA-free plastic

Every part that will be in contact with your breast milk is made from BPA-free plastics. BPA plastics have been associated with multiple health issues and may be harmful to babies.

Products for Baby Care

Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump

Ameda MYA Portable Hospital Strength Electric Breast Pump

  • AC power adapter.
  • Includes 24mm Flanges.
Ameda PumpEase Adjustable Hands Free Pumping Bra

Ameda PumpEase Adjustable Hands Free Pumping Bra

  • Machine Washable.
  • Can be worn over a nursing bra.
Medela Electric Breast Pump

Medela Electric Breast Pump

  • Closed System with Overflow Protection.
  • Easy to Clean.
Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

  • Mobile Connected Smart Pump with Touch Screen LED Display.
  • Compact & lightweight.

What makes the Medela pump in style advanced better than the Ameda purely yours?

When it comes to finding a pump that can do double duty and handle demanding tasks, consider the Medela Pump in Style Advanced instead of the Ameda Purely Yours. The Medela has special expression and emptying functions, as well as speed and suction settings that allow you to pump multiple times a day and still maintain pumping efficiency.

Which one is best for you?

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is by far the better breast pump. Sure, you’ll have to spend a little more on it. But this system is made for daily, repeated pumping. Given its durable design, portability, and ability to pump milk quickly, it’s hard not to choose this pump. While the ability to pump quickly, repeatedly each day is quite appealing, we do have some concerns about it being an open system.
The Ameda Purely Yours is perhaps not as heavy-duty as the Medela pump, but it provides some key safeguards thanks to its closed system. When the price is an issue, or you are especially health-conscious, you may choose the generally inferior but closed pump from Ameda.

Our best tips for successful pumping:

  • Always check that you get all you need before sitting down, including anything that keeps you busy, such as reading a book or magazine.
  • Clean your pump immediately afterward to ensure proper hygiene.
  • When you experience problems with proper pumping, watching photos of your baby really does the trick!
  • Pick a time that is convenient for you and try to stick to that time. Likewise, if you are pumping during work, establish a fixed time for pumping – if you practice pumping just when you “find” time, you will never do it!
  • If you can, you should get a pumping bra. That way, you’ll have your hands free when pumping.
  • Shop for the best pump that you can buy – the better the pump, the simpler it will be to pump your supply.
  • Stock up whenever you can, so you have something on hand just in case.

What is the strongest breast pump?

Powerful breast pumps can also be an incredible help when babies have difficulty sucking because they can increase and maintain the mother’s milk supply. Mothers who are formula feeding can also benefit from a breast pump to relieve engorgement and store milk for emergencies.

Breast pumps allow mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding to still feed their baby nutritious breast milk, and give fathers the opportunity to experience the joy of breastfeeding their child.
There are several types of breast pumps, and each type serves a different purpose for the woman who uses them.
Electric pumps use AC power, battery power, or both. Some are designed for stationary use at home, while others are more portable and can be taken along when traveling or going to work.

Electric pumps can be single or double pumps, meaning you can either pump only one breast at a time or pump both at the same time. If you use a double pump, it’s helpful to have a breast pump bra, so you can have your hands free.
These pumps usually consist of the same basic components such as suction cups, tubes, bottles to collect the milk, and a motor. All of these parts must be kept clean and sanitary, and the parts that come in contact with the milk are usually, but not always, dishwasher safe.
Manual pumps are hand-operated and are intended for sporadic use or for emergencies in case of engorgement, mastitis, or other times when you need to quickly rid your breasts of milk.
Manual pumps have a very simple design, with a nipple that attaches directly to the milk container.

Medela Symphony Ameda Platinun
Suction Levels (mmHg) 50-250 30-250
Speed (cycles/minute) 40-120 30-80
Weight (lbs) 7 10
Attachment Kits Exclusive Pats Compatible with most Ameda Pumps
User Experience Patented 2-Phase Expression technology facilitates letdown and expression Offers multiple combinations of suction and cycle speed for maximum comfort and expression


What’s best for you?
The decision to breastfeed your baby is commendable and can promote your baby’s overall health in the long run. However, pumping can be tricky. Choosing a pump that performs well for you is crucial to your success.
While these are both excellent pumps, to decide on one, you have to take your individual situation into account.
If budget is not an issue, and you are pumping like a woman on a mission multiple times per day, you should probably look into the costlier and weightier Medela Breast Pump.
However, if money is a concern and you would like a lighter pump that performs nicely for the money you spent, you might want to consider the Ameda Breast Pump.
Whatever pump you decide on, congratulations on your new baby and appreciate the valuable times you are about to have. So welcome to the amazing, wonderful, wild adventure of motherhood.

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FAQ’s about Ameda Purely Yours vs. Medela Pump in Style

Section Which batteries are needed for the Ameda Purely Yours?

What’s awesome about the Ameda Purely Yours is that it comes with 3 options for you to pick from: Auto adapter – when you have to pump during your ride to work, regular adapter supplied with the pump, or AA batteries when you need to travel and do not get power access.

Section When should I replace the valve on the Ameda Purely Yours pump?

Once you begin to feel that the pump is running out of power, you should decide to replace the valve. This might be every month or every other month, based on the number of pump settings you have each day.

Section Is the Medela Pump in Style a hands-free breast pump?

Of course, the Medela Pump in Style can be used as a hands-free breast pump, but if you get the set, you will not get the Easy Expression Bra with it, you will have to order it separately.

Section Do I need to clean my Medela Pump in Style after each use?

Absolutely, and so should the breast pump. They should be cleaned properly every time (including all parts), as this will keep them cleaner and free of germs.

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