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What is BabyAmo

BabyAmo is a collection of the best products for infants and babies.
We do our best for parents who want to save their time while searching for a safe and ideal product regardless of the budget they have.

Vanessa Williams



Hello. First of all, I’m delighted you’re here.

My name is Vanessa. I’m a mom, and writer about babies and toddlers’ products. As a parent, I’m worried about how safe babies’ items and products are. Because of this I started to explore and tested most needed and popular children’s products. And now product reviews, posted here are more comprehensive and thoughtful more valuable for parents like you.

I’m always open to any kind of cooperation, so don’t hesitate to send suggestions and feedback at gmail: babyamo.com@gmail.com






Hello. I’m Jessica, and I am glad to share with you information about kid’s must-haves.

I hope this place will be the first destination for those who are seeking the most accurate and detailed information about babies’ products.


What we do here

All our recommendations are a result of thorough research. We decide on the products’ features that are worth considering most of all, pick the best popular goods on the market, and compare their key features. Finally, we test the products to make sure their real characteristics correspond to the manufacturer’s promises and writing detailed guides.

How we do this

We give scores to the chosen products according to their quality and price and write detailed reviews of the goods features.

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