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Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

In the 22nd week of gestation, the baby likes to do a lot of gymnastics and motor skills exercises. You will notice this. As well as the increased need for energy and minerals.

Your baby is developing splendidly: the proportions are right and now it’s time for your child to build up fat tissue.

Read here interesting facts about the 22nd week of gestation: the development of your baby, why he fidgets when you rest, and how big the weight gain is in the 22nd week of gestation.

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The development of your child in the 22nd week

In the 22nd week of gestation, your baby is already very well-developed physically. Your baby has grown mainly in length recently, but now he still has to build up a lot of fat, because his body fat percentage is currently only 1 percent. Now it’s mainly a matter of weight gain. The proportions of the little body are now almost balanced because arms and legs have grown well.

Your baby is doing gymnastic exercises in your belly: In week 22, your baby is stronger and more active than ever before. Your environment can also see the baby’s movements through your belly.

Being able to feel little kicks and boxing punches is certainly a joyful experience for your partner, too. But it’s not just your baby’s movements that you can clearly feel: drinking the amniotic fluid means that your little darling often hiccups, which you can perceive as a twitch.

Your baby’s brain is also making great progress in the 22nd week of pregnancy. Your baby can taste and smell better than in the previous weeks of pregnancy. It can hear sounds outside the baby’s belly – even if they are only muffled. However, it already recognizes your voice. Your sense of touch is also better developed than it was a few weeks ago – your baby likes to feel its face, nose, mouth, and eyes with its hands.

The risk of miscarriage in the 22nd week of pregnancy is only 2 to 3 percent, as long as it is not a high-risk pregnancy.

22nd week: magnesium boost is important for the mother

From the 22nd week of pregnancy, pregnant women have an increased need for magnesium. The trace element is one of the essential substances that are indispensable for the functioning of nerves, muscles, and the immune system.

Normally, it is absorbed in sufficient quantities in the diet – meat, fish, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products are important sources of magnesium. During pregnancy, however, the baby needs a large amount of it.

A magnesium deficiency is noticeable in the form of muscle pain and stomach and muscle cramps.

In the worst case, it can lead to premature labor and thus to miscarriage. In the case of corresponding symptoms or on the basis of the blood count, the doctor decides whether and in what dose magnesium needs to be taken as a dietary supplement. In the case of mild deficiency symptoms, it is often sufficient to change the diet to foods rich in magnesium.

After the 36th week of pregnancy, high-dose magnesium supplements are usually discontinued after consultation with the doctor, as they can weaken and delay labor pains. Exercise also counteracts the cramps. There is nothing to be said against exercise in this week of pregnancy – however, the exercise program should no longer be physically strenuous in the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Many women notice a further change in the breasts in the 22nd week of pregnancy. On the areolas, the so-called Montgomery glands may become visible as distinct elevations. They secrete a greasy substance that nourishes the nipples and areolas, preparing them for breastfeeding.

Increased blood flow to the mucous membranes may cause gum or nose bleeding. Vaginal secretions also increase for this reason.

Heartburn can now become a real nuisance, as the uterus presses against the stomach and its sphincter are increasingly loosened by the pregnancy hormones. Home remedies such as chewing almonds, a glass of milk, or fresh pineapple alleviate the discomfort somewhat.

The “correct” sleeping position on the left side of the body and with the upper body slightly elevated will become more important than before in the coming weeks. It not only prevents stomach acid from rising into the esophagus but also relieves the circulation and internal organs.

22nd week of pregnancy

What symptoms can occur in the 22nd week?

In addition to the beautiful feelings and anticipation, you may experience more pregnancy symptoms from the 22nd week of pregnancy:

  • Lack of sleep: due to the kicking of your baby in your belly, you may not be able to sleep as well. In this case, it is best to put your hand on your belly and talk to your baby. Your touch and your voice, which is already familiar to the baby, have a calming effect.
  • Sleeping position: Lying down can slowly become uncomfortable. The supine position is unfavorable because the great vena cava can be squeezed by the weight of your baby – this causes circulation problems. A side-sleeper pillow can relieve you. An additional small pillow under the baby’s belly can make the side position more comfortable.
  • Cravings: Now that nausea has subsided for many pregnant women, cravings may begin. As long as you enjoy in moderation, you can give in to your cravings for fatty or sweet foods.
  • Pelvic floor muscles: The pelvic floor muscles become softer. Since they still have to bear more weight, the muscles may no longer provide optimal support for your sphincter, or you may leak urine when you cough or sneeze. This is nothing to be ashamed of: train your pelvic floor muscles, do sports during pregnancy, such as yoga, and buy appropriate feminine hygiene products such as panty liners or pads.

Nutrition tips in the 22nd week: prevent calf cramps and other complaints

In addition to the recurring pain in your back, calf cramps can also plague you more often during the 22nd week. This is probably due to a magnesium deficiency. Not only does your body need magnesium, but your baby also needs magnesium from you for its development. Magnesium deficiency occurs in many pregnant women around the 22nd week of pregnancy. The deficiency not only causes cramping but also promotes labor activity, which can lead to premature labor.

Magnesium is important for muscles, nerves, and the immune system. It is found primarily in fish, meat, whole grain products, and green vegetables. A healthy diet during pregnancy, therefore, protects you from a magnesium deficiency. After consulting your doctor, you can also take appropriate supplements to balance your magnesium levels.

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✅ How do you feel in the 22nd week?

You will feel the baby’s movements most intensely when you are lying relaxed on the couch or in bed – and the baby has plenty of room for its motor exercises. Now the little Montgomery glands form around the nipples. Some women notice a yellowish fluid. This is the foremilk, called colostrum.

✅ Where is the baby at 22nd weeks gestation?

The 22nd week of your pregnancy. The upper edge of the uterus is now already at the level of the belly button, and the baby is taking up more and more space.

✅ What else can happen in the 22nd week?

However, a loss of pregnancy in the 22nd week of gestation is no longer an abortion that results only in bleeding or scraping, but a late abortion. This is more tragic in that the pregnant woman in this case still has to go through childbirth.

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