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Week 14 of Your Pregnancy

Physically and mentally, you have just arrived in the calmest and most pleasant phase of pregnancy – but there is still a lot going on in your body. We will show you what is going on in your body during the 14th week of pregnancy. The first months with the early pregnancy symptoms are behind you and your body has adapted to the new situation.

The 14th week is the right time to simply enjoy your pregnancy and stop worrying about a miscarriage. From a medical point of view, after the first three months, the critical phase of pregnancy is over and the risk of miscarriage is reduced to a minimum.

Are you suddenly asked more often, in the 14th week, which month of your pregnancy it is now? No wonder! Your belly becomes increasingly visible from the 14th week. Don’t worry about the extra kilos. You can be proud of your great mummy belly and present it in the most beautiful pregnancy clothes!

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Your body in the 14th week of pregnancy

Your body is now starting to store supplies for the last trimester and breastfeeding. However, the amniotic fluid and the steadily growing uterus also contribute to the increasing total weight in the 14th week of pregnancy and the larger belly.

Your doctor measures the size of the uterus from the pubic symphysis to the upper edge of the uterus (the fundus) at each checkup. Generally, the fundus distance corresponds approximately to the week of pregnancy. So at this time, the fundal distance is about 5.5″ and at 20 weeks gestation, it will be about 7.8″.

With proper care, you can now prepare your skin and connective tissue for the upcoming stretching. Through regular plucking massages and the use of creams and oils, you can prevent stretch marks, which are otherwise usually visible long after birth. But remember: no matter how regularly you pluck or cream, stretch marks can still appear. Everybody is different, just like every pregnancy. So don’t fret, but rather wear your stretch marks proudly on your skin.

Speaking of skin, many pregnant women now increasingly discover dark spots on your body. However, these are only pigment deposits that disappear after pregnancy without your intervention.

Perhaps, however, something is happening to you this week, not only externally. Many women who are pregnant in the 14th week now feel how the big changes put themselves like a shadow on your good mood. Sometimes it’s the uncertainty that the future with the child brings, other times you may feel a little left alone in your new role as a pregnant woman and future mother. Try not to brood too much and, above all, don’t expect too much of yourself. Many expectant mothers feel the same way. And happiness as a mother also includes ups and downs. If negative thoughts do get the better of you, don’t be afraid to talk openly about them with your parents, friends, or partner. Even a mother needs a comforting shoulder to lean on from time to time.

Weight gain

Slowly but surely, the long-awaited baby bump is forming. You will also notice on the scales that your weight is slowly increasing. This is because your baby is in the phase of growth and weight gain. Of course, this also affects your weight and is reflected in the growing baby bump. So it’s not so many fat deposits that cause weight gain. It is much more the growing uterus, the placenta, the breast tissue, the increase in amniotic fluid, and of course the growing fetus that cause you to gain weight. Weight gain is very individual. Therefore, it is impossible to say how many kilos you will gain and how many kilos you will gain. Do not worry about it. If your weight development is noticeable and alarming, your doctor will determine this.

Child movements

Theoretically, it is already possible to feel your baby for the first time in the 14th week of pregnancy. So far, however, you can only feel the movements very delicately. So when you are expecting your first baby, it is possible that you will hardly notice them. In your second pregnancy, you already know what your baby’s first delicate movements feel like and can classify them more easily. Many expectant mothers describe it as a slight fluttering in the belly or a gentle sliding along the inner abdominal wall. You can increase your sensitivity to your baby’s first movements by relaxing in a warm bath in the tub, or lying very still on your back and gently placing a hand on your belly.

Desire for sex

From the 14th week of pregnancy, many women’s desire for sexual activity increases again as the symptoms subside. You can pursue this without hesitation. Sex is often perceived as particularly intense at this stage of pregnancy. This is due to the increased blood flow to the genital area. You don’t have to worry about your baby, on the contrary: your baby also benefits from your increased well-being. It also senses when you and your partner are close and comfortable. The love between you is then also transferred to your offspring.

14 weeks of pregnancy: Your symptoms

  • Stuffy nose. The hormone progesterone can now trigger a condition called pregnancy rhinitis. The nasal mucous membranes become more perfused and swell. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this. The remedy could be a humid room climate, nasal oil, or Vaseline to keep the mucous membranes moist.
  • Nocturnal restlessness. Maybe you sleep a little worse now or often wake up before the alarm clock? Try to bring relaxation into your evenings. A nice bath or a soothing cup of tea can often help.
    Mood swings. Do you sometimes feel down and brooding instead of feeling pure maternal happiness? Many pregnant women feel this way now. Do something nice and talk about your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones.
  • Fatigue. It is not only the restlessness at night that can cause you to often feel tired and exhausted during the day. An iron deficiency may also be the reason. Talk to your doctor about this. Often, adjusting your diet or taking an iron supplement can help you.
14th weeks of pregnancy

14th week: what happens with the baby

Cheese gunk is produced by the sebaceous glands and already covers the body of the fetus in the 14th week. This provides optimal protection for sensitive skin.

Your baby’s movements become more and more purposeful as the bones continue to stiffen. It sucks on your finger, plays with the umbilical cord, and swims lively through the amniotic fluid.

Because the fetus drinks and excretes amniotic fluid, the fluid in the amniotic sac is completely replaced every three hours.

How your baby develops during the 14th week of gestation

In the 14th week of gestation, the baby’s focus is primarily on the growth and the development and maturation of the organs. By now, the baby is about 3,15″ tall, weighs about 40 g, and is the size of a lemon.

Even though the organs are still miniature due to the small size of the fetus, they are already starting their work. The liver of the fetus produces the first bile and the pancreas begins to produce insulin. In addition, the first white blood cells are formed.

The “lanugo coat” forms by the 19th week of gestation and covers the entire body of the fetus, together with the cheese coat to protect the skin. This “baby fur” falls out in the first days after birth.

This is important now


Pregnancy is considered safe in the second trimester. Now you can and should really start planning. Find the right midwife for you and think about the course of the coming months. Then you can be well-prepared and relaxed and let everything come to you.

It is also advisable to book a childbirth preparation course from the 20th week of pregnancy. In many places, the places are quickly sold out. You can also coordinate other appointments, such as check-ups, now. Then you won’t have to worry about them later.


Your need for calories increases slightly in the second third of pregnancy. Your body can use about 250 to 300 kcal more a day in the 14th week of pregnancy. You should be able to cover this additional requirement with an extra sandwich or roll.

It is also important that you drink enough. Ideally, 3 liters a day. The growing belly stretches the skin and puts strain on it. With enough liquid, the skin remains elastic and can expand better.

Time for vacation

In the 14th week of pregnancy, you feel fit and well in your body again and can be active. Your baby bump is already visible, but not yet so big that it restricts you.

Therefore, it is the right time if you want to take a vacation without your baby. Even long-distance flights are theoretically not a problem in the 14th week of pregnancy. There is only an increased risk of thrombosis. However, you can prevent this by wearing thrombosis stockings.

The risk of thrombosis is increased during pregnancy because the change in hormone balance affects blood clotting. In addition, the elasticity of the vein walls decreases, and the blood vessels become wider. In itself, you do not have to worry about this if you are active in your everyday life during your pregnancy, do not have any complaints in your legs, and exercise regularly in your everyday life.

However, if you sit a lot during the day, are older than 35, are overweight, or have other factors that increase the risk of thrombosis, you should talk to your doctor or midwife and take a closer look at the issue.

Dental care

From the 14th week of gestation, the mother-to-be has an increased calcium requirement, as calcium is needed for the bone formation of the fetus. This must be taken in through food, otherwise, it will be taken out of your teeth.

This would lead to tooth loss and a hormonally induced caries risk. Cleaning your teeth at the dentist, flossing, and taking in plenty of calcium will counteract this. Approximately 1000 mg of calcium should be consumed daily during pregnancy. Good sources of calcium are calcium-rich mineral water, spinach, dairy products, broccoli, and kale.

You can therefore cover your calcium requirements on your own by eating the right foods. If you are still unsure whether everything is okay with your teeth, you can have them checked by your dentist and get advice on how to proceed.

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How to support your body during the 14th week of pregnancy


The typical pregnancy complaints of the first weeks and months, during which you had to take it easy physically, have subsided. You feel physically better and fitter again.

The 14th week of pregnancy and the following weeks can therefore be used for light exercise. This will keep you fit and prepare your body very well for birth.

Optimal sports include aqua gymnastics, jogging, cycling, swimming, hiking, and walking.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can always ask your gynecologist, because of course, you want to be fit for the birth, but you should not overexert yourself.


You can still lie on your stomach without any problems during the 14th week of pregnancy. That’s why it’s the perfect time to let yourself be pampered with a massage. This is not only relaxing but also good for your back, which will have to bear a lot in the next few months.

In addition, the skin in the abdominal area is stressed week after week by the growing baby bump and must continue to expand.

By gently massaging your skin with creams and lotions such as coconut or almond oil, you also increase its elasticity and support It’s stretching to prevent stretch marks as much as possible.

12th week og pregnancy

Important facts about the 14th week: What you should know

At around 8 cm and 40 g, your baby is the size of a lemon.

It is in the growth phase and is therefore rapidly increasing and weight. This is also reflected more and more in your growing baby bump.

As the pregnancy symptoms subside, most expectant mothers feel fit and agile again in the 14th week of pregnancy. From a medical point of view, the pregnancy is now considered safe because the risky early stages are over.

Tip: Pregnancy in the 14th week is in the phase with the lowest risk of miscarriage. Most pregnant women now feel physically and mentally well and fit again.

So you don’t have to worry. Therefore, enjoy now the beautiful sides of pregnancy and fully enjoy the moment.

FAQ - Fourteenth week of Pregnancy

✅ What happens in the 14th week of pregnancy?

In the 14th week of gestation, the fetus is in the growth phase and therefore increases significantly in size and weight from now on. This is also reflected in the weight and girth of the expectant mother’s baby bump.

✅ How big is the baby in the 14th week of gestation?

The baby is about 3,15″ tall in the 14th week of gestation, which is the size of a lemon.

✅ What do you feel during the 14th week of pregnancy?

Most of the pregnancy symptoms have subsided, so many women feel very well and fit in the 14th week of pregnancy. With luck, the baby’s movements can be easily felt for the first time.

14 Weeks Pregnant - What to Expect? - Video

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